Charts Overview

BlobCity Visualisation, chart types and creating your first chart

BlobCity Visualisation, allows for feeding data stored in BlobCity DB, directly to web based real-time charts. The charts are pre-integrated for Database Cloud customers and available as a separate package for On-Premise customers. The charts are a chargeable service. Currently basis visualisation and charts are free with a Cloud plan of BlobCity DB.

Basic Charts

  1. Pie
  2. Line
  3. Bar
  4. Column

Sample Data

Collection: Org.Persons


The above table shows data present within Org.Persons. Charts in this tutorial are plotted on this table.

Creating a Chart

  "key": "xxxx",
  "type": "column2d",
  "chart": {
    "caption": "Persons by Department",
    "xaxisname": "Departments",
    "yaxisname": "Person Count"
  "query": {
    	"ds": "Org",
      "collection": "Persons",
    	"xaxis": "dept",
      "yaxis": "count(*)"

API Endpoint

key: Is the unique API key for your account. This is a mandatory parameter that helps the system verify your identity and create the chart within your account. If you loose your key, please change it immediately using the cloud admin portal.

type: Corresponds to what type of chart you desire to plot. A complete list of chart types are listed here.

chart: Contains meta information related to chart. Items in this section specific chart titles, captions, legend names, colouring and thumbing options and many more. A complete list of supported chart parameters can be viewed here.

query: Optional parameter. This must be used if you desire for the chart to directly query data from the database. The query object must specify the datastore, collection, the columns in collection, aggregate operations if any and filter criteria if any. The above example does not include a filter criteria. A complete overview of support queries can be found here.