Start DS FTP

  "username" : "root",
  "password" : "root",
  "ds" : "datastore",
  "q" : "start-ds-ftp"

Starts the FTP service for file uploading and download from the datastore server for the specified datastore. The ftp service is started only for the ds specified. The FTP will allow data upload and download only for the specified ds.

The service auto generates a password and provides the same for use to login to the FTP server. The FTP port number is 2221 and the username for the datastore is the name of the datastore itself. The IP address is the IP address of your private note or the server on the cloud on which the FTP start was requested. This operation runs locally on a node on which the command was executed and is not designed for clustered operations. The data uploaded and downloaded will be available only on the specific node and not on the entire cluster. The service will have to be started independently on every node on the cluster on which it is desired, and the password per node will vary. Stopping and starting the service will reset the password and issue a new password at service start.


FTP service is not available on AWS AMI versions of BlobCity taken from AWS Marketplace

Response Structure

  "ack" : "1",
  "time" : 1000,
  "p" : {
    "pwd" : "the password"

On successfully execution of the command the FTP server is started and the login password is automatically set and returned in response as the pwd parameter. The username for FTP is same as the name of the datastore.