Drop User

  "username" : "root",
  "password" : "root",
  "q" : "drop-user",
  "p" : {
    "username" : "username1"

Completely drops the user account. None of the existing permission of the user have to be
dropped for this operation to succeed. The connecting user needs to have the manage-users
permission of the operation to succeed.

If dropping this specified user results in the system having no user with a particular role,
that restricts permanent maintenance of the system, as a user with that role is required or
another user that can allot a user with that role is required, the drop-user operation will
be restricted.

The connecting user can use this command to drop himself; but the system will not allow
a user to be dropped if at the end of the operation the database remains with no user

This command is restricted to hosted cloud users of the database. They should user the
management portal to manage their cloud user accounts.

Response Structure

  "ack" : "1",
  "time" : 1000

Provides a simple acknowledgement indicating if the user was dropped. An ack value of 1
is a confirmation that by the end of this operation the specified user account is no longer
present in the database. For any restrictions that apply, the system will return an ack
value of 0 with an appropriate cause explaining the restriction.