Data Science Cloud

BlobCity's Data Science Cloud allows you to store and analyse your data at Cloud scale. Our fully management multi-tenant cluster allows you to store and analyse virtually infinite amounts of data at high speeds and extremely transparent and predictive pricing.

The Data Science Cloud comes with a library for ready to use AI & ML models that are designed to run at scale. This makes it really easy for Data Scientists to load, clean, prep, process and analyse their data, all within one platform and with a few clicks. The BlobCity Data Science Cloud offers the fastest Data Science experience ever.

Unlimited Data Storage

BlobCity Data Science Cloud does not charge you for the data you bring in. Basically you can bring in any amounts of data at no cost. Yes, you did not read that wrong.

Unlimited DML

You can run unmetered and any amounts of INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE queries on the Cloud. We do not count them or bill you for them.

Pay only for selects

BlobCity Data Science Cloud billing works on the amount of data you select.

$499/month10 billion row selects per month
$2499/month100 billion row selects per month
$7499/month1 trillion row selects per month

For sake of clarity, billing is not on the amount of records processed by the query, but the amount of records that the query returns.

select SUM(col) from ds.collection

The above query might produce a summation of 1 million records, but will always return 1 record. In such case, for billing purposes, we would only count it as a select of 1 record.

Unlimited Users

Your Data Science Cloud account can be accessed by unlimited users from your organisation at no additional costs.

Fully Managed & Scalable

The BlobCity Data Science Cloud is fully managed and ready to use. We manage scalability, security and uptime to give you a hassle free data science experience.