Types of Charts

Charts are primarily of 3 different types:

  1. Single Series Charts
  2. Multi-Series Charts
  3. Others

The other charts correspond to various different charts that do not fall into the single or multi series charts. The single series charts use a simple x-axis and y-axis plot. The multi-series charts use x-axis and y-axis plots but the y-axis is further split into an extra axis referred to as a stack on the y-axis.

Single Series

Chart TypeDescription
column2d2D column chart
column3d3D column chart
bar2d2D bar chart
bar3d3D bar chart
pie2d2D pie chart
pie3d3D pie chart
doughnut2d2D doughnut chart
doughnut3d3D doughnut chart
area2d2D area chart
lineSimple line chart

Multi-Series / Stacked

Chart TypeDescription
stackedcolumn2d2D stacked column chart
stackedcolumn3d3D stacked column chart
mscolumn2d2D multi-series column chart
mscolumn3d3D multi-series column chart
msbar2d2D multi-series bar chart
msbar3d3D multi-series bar chart
stackedbar2d2D stacked bar chart
stackedbar3d3D stacked bar chart
scrollstackedcolumn2d2D stacked column chart, but scrollable
scrollstackedcolumn3d3D stacked column chart, but scrollable


These chart types cannot be used with a query based mechanism. Either data must be directly provided to the chart, or the chart must depend on a stored procedure or external web service.

Chart TypeDescription
msstackedcolumn2d2D column chart, multi-series with stacking
mscombi2d2D combination chart. Can show columns with line overlay
bubbleBubble chart
scatterSimple scatter plot show x,y coordinates
heatmapHeatmap chart
treemapTreemap chart