Using BlobCity over the RESTful web service interface

Whether On-Cloud or On-Premise, the BlobCity DB can be fully used over a RESTful web service interface. Some of the language specific adapters themselves, communicate with the database over these REST interfaces. The REST support is very exhaustive and extends to every action that can be taken on the database.

Cloud Connection Endpoint


The above URL allows you to connect to any cloud instance of BlobCity. You need to have a registered account on BlobCity Cloud and the credentials mentioned should be valid for the API to work. The {data-centre-id} is the id of the data centre on which you are running your BlobCity instance. The id usually comprises of the major data centre provider code followed by the region code of the data centre. For connecting to AWS instance on US East (N. Virginia) the code would be aws-us-east-1 and the endpoint would be

The {data-centre-id} for your cloud account can be found from your cloud control panel.

On-Premise Connection Endpoint



When you run a self hosted database instance on your server, the database REST API can be accessed using the above API. The default port is 10111 for the endpoint, but is changeable to a port of your choice.

All REST end points accept JSON data and respond with JSON data.

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