Insert Text with Interpreter

  "username" : "root",
  "password" : "root",
  "ds" : "datastore1",
  "c" : "collection1",
  "q" : "insert",
  "p" : {
    "type" : "text",
    "interpreter" : “MyInterpreter",
    "data" : ["record1","record2"]

When inserting data of type text, an interpreter can be invoked that allows the database to interpret the text data and convert it into a structured form for searching.

Example usage would be to use an interpreter to interpret apache access log files. Each line of the log file would a text record, but the record in text form is virtually unusable. A log interpreter could be used to extract IP address, request information, response size and various other aspects, to make the data more usable.

The interpreter class must be defined and loaded into the datastore for the query to function. Look at the load-code CLI query on how to load an interpreter class into the datastore, and make it available for insert operations.

The response of this insert operation is exactly same as that of a regular insert.