Start DS FTP

blobcity>start-ds-ftp {ds}

Used to start a FTP service on the specified datastore. {ds} is the name of the datastore on
which the service is to be started. The datastore must be existent for the command to

The command creates a new FTP user. The name of the user is the name of the datastore,
and the password is displayed on the console if the service is successfully started. You are
required to note down the password and store in safely as the same cannot be fetched

Running this command on an already running services, will reset the password of the user
and will display a new password. The old password will then not work.

The FTP service at this point only allows one user per datastore. All files uploaded over
FTP are stored within the datastore’s logical volume.

At least as of yet the FTP service does not replicate data across nodes and is not cluster
friendly. It can be used with clusters, but the data will upload only to the node on which
you connect. For cloud users, all data uploads to a single node we nominate for the FTP