View Collection

blobcity>view-collection ds.collection

Used to view the schema structure of a collection. Response provides details on columns within the collection along with the meta information of the collection helping to identify the type of the collection (on-disk, in-memory or in-memory-nd) and the current replication settings.

Example response of view-collection on Users collection within test-ds datastore is shown below.

blobcity>view-collection test-ds.Users

replication-type:   DISTRIBUTED
replication-factor: 0
table-type:     ON_DISK
flexible-schema:    true
    Auto-define Index       Type        Name
    none        btree       STRING      uid 
    none        btree       STRING      name    
    none        none        STRING      verified        
    uuid        unique      STRING      _id         PRIMARY
    none        btree       STRING      pwd 
    none        btree       STRING      email