Java & Scala based in-database processing

BlobCity DB comes with complete capability for running stored procedures. These procedures can be Java or Scala code snippets that follow API standards defined by BlobCity DB. Stored procedures are a way of executing important business logic that interacts closely with the data and has the lowest latency of connectivity with the actual data store.

The types of stored procedures available in BlobCity are listed below:

Stored ProcedureDescription
Simple Stored ProcedureA generic single node execution stored procedure. Can take user defined input
and user defined output for any functioning desired by the user. Has lowest
latency connectivity to the data.
TriggerInvoked on any DML operation performed on the data. Can be invoked pre or
post the operation. The pre trigger has the ability to block a transaction.
FilterA ultra high speed select all with search criteria. Will test all records in a
collection to match against the filter criteria and return all records matching the
Data InterpreterUsed only during data insert operations for finer control on how database
should interpret the data that is being inserted.
Web ServiceYou can create and deploy web-service end points into the database. This
allows you to explore complex business functions for your applications directly
form within the database itself rather than having another web-server do the job
for you. BlobCity DB can be the only backend you may need for your mobile
apps or other apps that depend on simple web-service calls to your backend
Data ExporterUsed to export data from BlobCity in a custom format. The stored procedure produces a data object of the desired format, which is then written to a file as a data export. The file can be accessed using FTP from the database server.