Load Code

blobcity>load-code {ds} {jar-path}

This command is used to load a specified stored procedures jar inside the specified datastore. The name of the datastore is specified by the {ds} parameter. The path to the jar file is specified by {jar-path}. The path is the fully qualified path inside the ftp folder on the specified datastore. Jar’s located outside the FTP folder may not be loaded.

The command will confirm to the user whether the code was successfully loaded or whether any error occurred in loading the code. The error if any occurred will be reported to the user to the best possible extent to allow for debugging of the problem.

If any code is already loaded for the datastore, this command will replace all previously loaded code with the new code. Loading code for one datastore, does not affect or reload code for any other datastore.

The loader scans the jar and searches for all stored procedures. These procedures must be marked with appropriate annotations to be loaded. If debug log level is enabled, the DB logs will confirm the procedures that are actually loaded and registered for use by this command.